Mbella Moki Commits to Demolish All Drinking Spots in University Streets

24 Sep


Buea Lord Mayor, Charles Mbella Moki  says he will spare no efforts to completely eradicate bars and off-licenses within a certain distance from the University of Buea Premises.

He says the council has the responsibility to give Buea a facelift and that it is part of the council authority’s duty to streamline their programme and approach to urban development.

“We are not building a town of drunkards, neither do we want to colour our streets with bars and off-licenses. There must be an image which reflects the true Buea – a Buea that is orderly, one which the commonwealth of every individual is associated with their behaviour.”

He adds that, there has been a dire need expressed by the University for the Council to intervene in the situation. And that he has no apologies for anybody on that.

He reveals that the challenges in demolition were enormous as they had to deal with the people’s reactions, who could hardly understand their actions. And he calls on the good right – thinking people of Buea to support the Council in making Buea a beautiful city, not too long from now.

Read Complete Interview in the September 24, edition of The Post Newspaper. Page 5


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